How can I obtain copies of the papers cited on your web site?

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We have made a few key papers available for download from the web site via the downloadable papers links for each topic. Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot provide copies of papers written by others. However, many papers are available to the public, free of charge, via the web. You can use a web browser to search, using the paper’s title and/or authors names as search terms. Often, the search will get you to a web site where the paper can be viewed or downloaded for free, or purchased. Google Scholar is publically available and was specifically developed to facilitate the finding of published scholarly documents. Another publically available online tool focusing on health-related papers is Pub Med. You can also contact an author and request a copy of the paper. Most papers list a corresponding author and their email address and often this information, plus an abstract, can be found at the journal’s web site, even when the full paper is not available at no charge.