What are the main ways to control dampness in a home?

The first priority is to prevent or fix leaks of liquid water into the building or building envelope. Water entry through the above-grade roof and walls and water entry through surfaces in contact with the soil should be prevented. For above-grade leaks, normal maintenance measures, such as replacing or repairing the roof will often be all that is needed; however, professional assistance may be needed if there were errors in design or construction of the home.

How do I select a portable air cleaner for my home?

In the selection of a portable air cleaner, sometimes called an air purifier, you should consider 1) the air cleaner’s clean air delivery rate (CADR) for particles; 2) whether the air cleaner removes gaseous pollutants as well as particles; 3) the level of noise produced by the air cleaner; 4) electricity cost, initial cost, filter replacement cost; 5) whether the air cleaner produces ozone or other undesirable pollutants.

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